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Shanghai International Yacht Fair Opens in Pudong New Intern

On April 26, the four-day Shanghai International Yacht Fair 2018 and China (Shanghai) 23rd International Yacht and its Technical Equipment Exhibition (CIBS) opened in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center.

Chen Minjun, Executive Vice-President of China Shipping Industry Association, Wang Qi, President of Shanghai Shipping Industry Association, Liu Deqian, President of Shipping Branch of China Shipping Industry Association, Yin Xueming, President of Guangdong Shipping Industry Association, Vice-Director of Shanghai Travel Service Grade Evaluation Committee, Zhu Chengrong, Vice-Director of Shanghai Huangpu River Tourism Evaluation Committee, and Taiwan Shipbuilding Industry Association Secretary-General Ma Baoyu, Consul Damon Paling of New Zealand Trade Development Bureau in Shanghai, Deputy Commercial Representative Alessandro Lamura of Shanghai Representative Office of Italian Foreign Trade Commission, and Secretary-General Park Gone Woo of Korea Ocean and Wharf Industry Association cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony.

Opening up is the general trend of the future development of China's yacht industry. In his opening speech, Chen Minjun, Vice President of China Shipbuilding Industry Association, said that Chinese President Xi Jinping had declared China's determination to reform and open up to the world at the Boao Forum for Asia, and that the times had injected new impetus into the development of China's yacht industry. China's yacht industry can make up for the shortcomings and deficiencies in the current development, constantly enhance its technical level and comprehensive strength, and make our due contribution to the development and prosperity of the world yacht industry only if it dares to face the opening up, widely absorb the advanced concepts of the world and absorb the advanced technology of the world.

Mercury's growing business in China in the past few years has filled us with confidence and expectations about the market potential of China's yacht industry. At the opening ceremony, John Pfeifer, a representative of the exhibitor and President of Mercury Maritime, said that in terms of the history of the yacht industry in the United States, yacht and fishing have become a popular leisure mode for the American people, which is closely related to the public's in-depth understanding of yachts and fishing equipment, and the industry fair is the best platform to show the most professional and up-to-date to the general public. Products and technology, and users to establish the most direct communication and sharing, so that more people understand that the yacht industry is not exclusive luxury consumption, but according to their own needs to find the most suitable equipment, really enjoy the pleasure and charm of water leisure.

After 22 years of intensive cultivation, CIBS has attracted and harvested a large number of loyal well-known exhibitors and yacht enthusiasts - ldquo; fans - rdquo; and gradually grown into Asia's largest comprehensive yacht exhibition, with the most comprehensive categories and brands, and is also a prediction of yacht industry development - ldquo; wind vane - rdquo;. The theme of this CIBS is & ldquo; 360 & deg; water Carnival & rdquo; with three exhibition halls covering an area of 55000 square meters, bringing together exhibitors from 15 countries and regions such as New Zealand, Italy, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, covering more than 300 real ships, including sailboats, power boats, fishing boats, etc. on-site display, more than 20 new product launches and more than 80 new product launches. A number of live events were also held during the exhibition. In addition, the China International Shipping Industry Development Forum will be held on April 27.

Coffee Gathering to Promote Yacht Industry and Equipment Development

To study and formulate Guiding Opinions on Promoting Yacht Tourism Development

On the afternoon of April 26, & ldquo; Seminar on Promoting the Development of Yacht Industry and Equipment & rdquo; held at the same time. The purpose of the symposium is to implement the "ldquo; 135-rdquo; Tourism Development Plan" issued by the State Council, study and formulate the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Yacht Tourism", cultivate and develop the mass consumption market of yacht tourism, promote the development of yacht leasing business, and promote the development of yacht industry and equipment in China.

Representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the General Administration of Customs, and other ministries, as well as relevant heads of coastal defense, port and navigation, tourism and other relevant departments in various provinces and municipalities, as well as representatives of domestic shipbuilding industry associations and yacht associations at all levels, yacht manufacturers and supporting providers, yacht clubs, classification societies and insurance companies, etc. Attend this symposium.