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Seawork Asia 2018 3rd Shanghai International Commercial and

The 3rd Shanghai International Commercial and Business Ship Exhibition of Seawork Asia 2018 was grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center on November 6, 2018. 111 professional exhibitors from all over the world participated in the exhibition with many well-known brands, with the theme of & ldquo; professional creation, Asian pilot & rdquo; focusing on the six themes of < strong > offshore law enforcement, offshore rights protection, port pilotage, offshore science and technology examination, inter-island transportation and unmanned boats and presenting the market development process in the fields of official business, working boats and their supporting units in an all-round way. And scientific and technological achievements.
This time, Fidy also solemnly exhibited his representative's Norwegian Paul Siegel boat: 685 manned boat and 785 work very well, the attention is still very high, Qingdao personal customers want to buy a house at the seaside of Qingdao while buying a fishing boat, hundreds of thousands of people can consider; Shanghai Shiyang Business Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Xiaolu is very interested in the modification of 785 sports boat according to the needs, its. He needs to sort out the exchange of business cards at the exhibition and follow up the demand. At the same time, many enterprises have a big difference in the cost and price of our material. We hope that the company will develop its own boat as soon as possible. About 300,000 official boats will also have certain competitive advantages. Many companies have also expressed their desire to develop boats of the same material as ours. They may be one of our many competitions in the future. They will be on the road of production and sales. Progress is equally important. Demanders are mostly interested in materials, prices and functions needed after modification. Later stage will be the main focus of our sales and production personalized customization.
Other Pavilion exhibitors are also very active in this exhibition. Intelligent trams, lubricants, additives and other related enterprises in the transportation industry participate in the exhibition. Many enterprises have released their own new products and latest scientific research results, and built a good trading platform for both supply and demand sides. While gaining from this exhibition, there are also many places for me to learn. I hope that in the future, such a grand gathering will be able to participate in and learn more, constantly improve their sales skills and professional product introduction skills, to better show our own strengths, find suitable sales channels and sales models.
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