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"Marine ranching" means in a certain ocean area, taking full advantage of the natural ocean ecological environment, assembling the releasing marine lifes by large-scale facilities and systematized management method, and feeding marine resources like fishes, shrimps, shellfishes, in a planned way. 

Our multi-functional artificial reef is made of special composite material in a mesh stricture. According to the habitat characteristic of lifes like shellfishes and algas, we add in the natural shells in the cages. The natural affinity of the material is much higher than cements, and with much larger surface. Under scientific calculation and test, the structure and strength of our products is particularly outstanding for resistance of capsizing and drift to waters, voices, etc. 

1. Composite material, high corrosion resistance to seawater, long service life over 30 years, no pollution to environment;
2. Natural shells, high unit porosity up to 85%, 10 times surface area than cements;
3. Suitable for ocean lifes
4. Easy to assemble, transport, stock.